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            OE PARTS GMBH

            OE PARTS GMBH is a major worldwide supplier of automobile spare parts for the aftermarket and OE markets.

            OE Parts? is a registered and protected trademark recorded in the European Union and represents competitive alternatives to original parts from the vehicle makers. All OE Parts? products are in compliance with international standards with premium quality and competitive pricing.

            With the automobile spare parts industry under high pressure with increasingly tough competition, everyone wants to reduce the purchasing costs but is worried about the product quality. OE PARTS? helps solve the problem by bringing you quality products which are made mostly by "hidden champion" we have identified over the past decade.

            These "hidden champions" are typically suppliers to the famous European brands you are currently buying from with European prices. By developing these manufacturing resources with our own strict quality assurance and control systems, we are able to provide you with products that are made on the same assembly lines at the same suppliers that those famous.

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            Jan 26, 2021


            Melting is the first process of die casting. Melting is usually carried out by mixing the raw material (aluminum ingot) and the return material accord…

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